A couple of Blackjacks flying over Scotland intercepted..

They’re sharp looking birds. Along with the Tornados of course…

cnn.com/2010/WORLD/europe/03 … tml?hpt=T2

Shoot em down!


Cheap copy of the B-1

pretty much everything the russians fly, float, or drive are cheap copies of allied forces inventory…with a few exceptions.

Exception 1. The Tu-95 Bear
Because we’ll be d***ed if we make any plane that freakin’ ugly.
Which, by the way, have been intercepted near the American coast and over/around American ships more than a few times. Come on Russia, do we do weekly B-52 flyovers?

I think they got the Tu-95 from the B-29???

They’re to stupid to come up with their own aircraft… :unamused:

no that was the Tu-4


Uh, Will. You want to rethink that sentence as it is typed before you call someone else stupid?


Oh, okay… :blush:

Ha! remember Iron Eagle II? Company made these first back in the states? Oh Yeah What Company is that? Mattel"


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Yeah, that’s why we’re paying the Russkis millions of dollars per trip to take our astronauts to and from the International Space Station!

Granted, the Soviets always built trucks in comparison to our seeming sports cars. But their “trucks” just kept going and going, and were built in enormous quantities.

The concept that Ivan can’t build anything worthwhile on his own is nonsense.

true…my A+ Sr. Paper on the comparison of the USA vs. USSR (circa 1984) was based pretty much on this…and the famous Stalin Quote:

“Quantity has a quality all of its own”

and with that the Soviets overpowered both in machines and manpower our military…while they didn’t need the computing power we put behind our missiles, they used MORE BOMBS…thus the MIRV was born.

where we used high-tech, they used KISS and built in huge numbers. sadly we took another road, and now look at NASA, and YMP, Nuclear Power in the USA, etc

we’ve let our great hold on tech fly away.

Agreed! they have a different philosophy but good product. Our B-1’s have never made role call at any conflict and never will. They’re equipment can and does operate in extreme environments that make our fancy shit break.

I’d take a few squadrons of Migs over a few F-22’s, be more combat effective and still have money left over.

But it is funny that when they copied the B-29 they copied it so completely that they built in patches and previously made repairs.

- YouTube)

Music sucks, but it’s decent footage of the blackjack…

even though it’s a ‘copy’ , it would be awesome to see one fly in person!

That’s not a TU-4, it’s a turbo-prop powered variant of the B-29 knockoff.

This is a TU-4:


Cool vid…

I’d rather see a B-1 though. I’m gonna go see them in may at Dyess AFB… It’s the 25th anniversary of the B-1… :wink:

I don’t see any resemblance. :open_mouth: