Some odd photographs


I’m no Photoshop expert but I thought I’d try something more creative. By the way all elements in the photos are from photos I have taken myself, nothing was borrowed stolen or improperly used:

I contribute regularly to a Bulgarian website for aircraft spotting and photography called They have a great collection of Soviet era military aviation photos and present day cargo and passenger airliners. Check them out. Although the text is mostly Bulgarian the photos are all high quality and very unique.


You cracked me up with the last three for sure. Especially the AWACS Warthog!

Good job.


What JHEM said… very cool, thanks for sharing.


Beautiful. You should upload to FlightAware Photos to tag with information and share with others.


Does anyone know how to remove uploaded photos that yoiu have posted in FlightAware?


Love the Dc-3 one…


Here’s another one. The helicopter is a retired Bulgarian Mi-14 ( advanced navy version of the classic Soviet Mi-8). I photographed it when visitng the airport in Plovdiv, Bulgaria last summer. Looks like some locals put this machine to good use: