Tupolev Tu-95 Bear




I find this extremely implausible. Your location at the time of the sighting? Are you experienced in aircraft identification? What altitude was the aircraft at? Direction of flight? Etc., etc.




Then why the hell did you waste bandwidth posting your question here? How can someone help confirm this if we don’t know where the alleged sighing occurred.

Yes, I question your qualifications based on your first posting. In it, you gave NO indication of how you are qualified to identify an aircraft nearly 5 miles (20,000 feet by your second posting)* away by sound and sight. Unless you were using binoculars to look at the aircraft or you had some sound enhancing equipment, I really doubt you or anybody else can identify an aircraft that far away.

*Probably even further away unless you were directly under the aircraft.


You can tell the difference between 20,000 ft and 30,000ft?

Where were you when you witnessed this airplane?


Well, then come back when you feel like disclosing the location.


I just caught the “CAP Mission Pilot” great work man! proud of ya! I also noticed the commercial pilot- did you fly 135? 121? 91? either way keep up the good work airman.

I Don’t have much time as a pilot, only about 7,000 hours, and in that short amount of flying I have NEVER seen a UFO, a Russian MIG or the ghost of Abe Lincoln. About 3k of those flight hours were in the “Bermuda triangle”, Never once have I been sucked into an electric ghost cloud, never once have I had my compass go haywire. As a matter of fact I’ve never been lost. You’re ramblings of spotting a 50 year old Russian bomber are entertaining to say the least

IMHO you’ve an over active mind OR you’re an attention seeker.


I am guessing Texas?

google.com/search?client=saf … 72&bih=869

Ahhhh, he deleted the posts…