767 in KPVD?

One of the long-standing debates in Rhode Island is extending the runways at TF Green for longer flights with larger aircraft. Because the airport is in a densely populated area, local residents are concerned about their houses being displaced, and even those who aren’t being displaced are concerned about increased traffic creating more noise.

Currently airlines will not add flights to the west coast or Europe because of the limited runway length. Nor will they use widebody aircraft for the same reasons… at least according to the airport officials. Certainly, despite TF Green being designated a medium hub airport, it has one of the shortest runways of any airport of its size, and officials have stated this stunts its growth. Currently its only international flight is to Toronto (although historically they’ve had flights to the Caribbean and the Azores), and the western-most destination is Las Vegas.

One thing I am really confused about is this flight, an NFL Charter from last year that the San Diego Chargers used to get back to the west coast:

flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL9 … /KPVD/KSAN

Not only was it a transcontinental flight, but it was with a widebody 767. Could someone explain this contradiction?

The aircraft probably didn’t take off at full gross weight, thus allowing it to have longer range with a shorter takeoff runway distance.

This particular flight also took place during winter when the temperatures are cooler. A cooler temperature also allows for a shorter takeoff distance.

With 6000ft runway available (the shorter runway at KPVD), the B763 can take of with a normal passenger load (269 + bags) and make it to KSAN (assuming standard day, CF6-80C engines, 157t takeoff weight, etc). With a light passenger load (not sure how many folks get to ride with the team) and/or the longer runway they’d have plenty of margin for takeoff and range.

Normal airline ops are generally heavier due to high passenger loads and belly cargo (mail, same day freight, etc).

Last week there was another charter or similar using a B763 KATL-KPVD-KATL.

Hmm… I would have thought everyone travels in the charter, plus the pads and stuff they wear would get pretty heavy. But, I guess it’s still less than a full flight.

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. :slight_smile:

Yup. Probably the Falcons coming to play the Patriots.

Normal loads for NFL teams is 120 to 160 pax, and this is players, coaches, staff and select media only.

When they go a Super Bowl or to London, wives (but no kids) and more staff from the team will ride along also with a lot more luggage so weight becomes an issue and these departures will likely be from BOS, as will the 747 flight to London in a few weeks.