747 Traffic into KXNA


If this is in the wrong forum I apologize.

I want to find out if there is any 747 traffic into the KXNA airport in the last year.

Anyone know of any resources for finding out that information.



Wow. If there are any at all, I didn’t know that Springdale was equipped to handle the big boys. I know MD-80s and regional jets fly in and out.

Anyway, to answer your question (and I would say this could considered the correct forum), if you look next to the words Arrivals and Departures (and I will spare you the “Big Trouble” quotes today) there is a little link that says “more”. If you click on that, it will USUALLY show the approx. last 150 with aircraft type. As for in the past year, that would more or less be a stat that you would get from the airport itself. I did look and didn’t see any “big boys” going in or out of Springdale. Usually, regionall airports don’t handle jets that big.

Edit: Wow, start thinking about something in Arkansas, my proper englishh goes to crap! That would be a joke to y’all from Arkansas. WOOOO PIG SOOOIEEE!!! or whatever the hell it is…


Not on service it’s true, but there is a heavy maintenance facility at XNA (was Ozark Aviation at one time). I’ve seen 767s there so a 747 is not out of the question.


Didn’t even think about service…



Just ask nicely.

We haven’t seen any B747 arrivals or departures at KXNA in the last year.

FYI the expanded boards cover the last few days, rather than a specific number of flights.


Thanks, that’s what I expected. Someone had talked about 747’s flying in and out of there.
I flew out of there every week for a while and lived there for 10 years and hadn’t remember seeing any.


The only 747 into XNA recently has been AF1 when the President stopped in for a campaign speech for some folks running for congress and governor here in Arkansas.

BTW - new to FA and love it!