anyone got any thoughts on this airport?

not a whole lot of activity but i think it is Southwest’s southern hub so they get a lot of action there

i think they are extending the runway now to which should help with cargo traffic

any thoughts??


Look at my entry of 23 May 2006 06:32 and the one a couple of posts later.

Southwest does not have hubs.


Orlando and Tampa come to mind as possible Southern focus-cities for Southwest before I think of BHM. Sorry about that. WN has 92 daily departures from MCO but only 18 from BHM.

The BHM Airport website states that the primary instrument runway, already 10,000 feet long, will be extended to 12,000 feet. It has 2 ILSs, and, IIRC, one of the instrument approaches is CAT II. Your airport authority wants to be able to “accommodate a fully loaded and fully fueled 747 cargo aircraft taking off on a non stop overseas flight.”

The 747, with its 2D/2D2 gear configuration, can take off at weights of up to (and surpassing, in some instances) 800K lbs. Instead of lengthening the runway, perhaps the runway should be strengthened so it can accommodate heavier aircraft.

Do you know if there is a demand for this level of service from BHM? Is there a local company that wants to fly full 747s of cargo out of BHM? Just curious about that.