7-Eleven part of first "Green" Airport Plaza


Being a 7-Eleven manager, this caught my eye!!

7-Eleven will be part of the first multi-service “Green” airport plaza in the country at KEWR to open in about 6 months!



The guy I fly with used to fly for Southland. I’ll pass this on to him.


John - your signature isn’t “John in Saudi” anymore I notice. Are you stateside for the holidays? The only reason I ask is I have an uncle that flew helicopters out of Jeddah for years and years - his name is John also. Your signature always reminds me of him.


no, I’m still here. Just get lazy sometimes.
Years and years, sounds familiar…lol. who did he fly for.

John still here


haha - I thought that you had that (John in Saudi) as your signature - I didn’t realize that you’re adding that every time. He flew for Fluor Daniel when they were working on the airport in the early 80’s - after construction completed he did contract work all over the world. He was back working in Kuwait and Saudi until about 2 years ago when he suffered a heart attack and his wife made him come back here (he was working for Parsons at the time). He’s retired and lives outside of Charlotte, NC now. I actually have had several family members over in S.A. working at various times - they all loved it and would love to go back (I think it’s the money that they like, not necessarily the scenery). If you think you know him or something, PM me and I’ll give you more info.

EDIT - I had to edit “Fluor” - I had it spelled “Flour” - big difference - my family would kill me.


hmmm, no he doesn’t sound familiar. Things can be good here, just depends on who you work for. You’re right, the scenery is a bit bland though!!

John in Saudi