500 error on GetFlightTrack with departure time (FlightXML3)


I’m trying to use FlightXML 3’s ability to query GetFlightTrack[flight][/flight] with flight number + departure time. The query does work if I use the documentation’s example of SKW5252@1492037400, and for a flight I just picked at random from the live tracker (ASA710@1502420383).

But I have a flight from July that doesn’t work: SWA3190@1499059584 causes a 500 Server Error, even though the faFlightID (SWA3190-1499059584-airline-0589) works as expected.

I’m not sure what’s different about my SWA3190 query that’s causing the problem.


I checked the database and we don’t have a record of that flight operating on July 3rd (1499059584). Where did you get the departure time from?

This is the actual flight: flightaware.com/live/flight/SWA3 … /KSJC/KPDX

It’s confusing to me that the faFlightID clearly includes a timestamp but it’s not related to the flight’s departure time. Either way, if the timestamp doesn’t line up with an actual flight a 500 error seems bad. Something like a 404 seems appropriate.

Agree we’ll change that behavior around.