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Misclassification of tracking information

We concerned about the misclassification for the flight tracks information. When we requested api for the historical track information, and we used FlightXML2 API -> GetHistoricalTrack, we entered the faflight ID, which is determined by both the flight ID and its departure time, but some of the return information didn’t make sense to us. For example, when we want to get the track information from ATL to LAX from June 1 to June 14, after getting the falightID by using the API, one of it is SWA4293-1560001558, while return information for this SWA4293-1560001558 is the track information for the OD pair BNA to ATL, whose flight id SWA is 4293 but the departure time is different from 156001558. It conflicts with the OD pair we are interested in. Is it the misclassification of flightaware API? And is there any method to solve such problem?

You shouldn’t try to assign meaning to parts of faFlightID values - they are opaque identifiers only.