faFlightID clarification


Hi guys,

I am getting the faFlightID of SWA251 with no issues which is SWA251-1329546524-airline-0225.
However, when I call the InFlightInfo method with the newly obtained faflightID I get a soap error.

Other flights work fine such as UAL450, so I am sure it is not an issue in coding.

oh and by the way, can any one explain what the 1329546524 and 0225 stand for.

Thank you a million in advance

Ela Buwa


The InFlightInfo method only accepts an “ident” (ie: SWA251), not a “faFlightID”. It only returns the most recent flight for that ident.

flightxml.flightaware.com/soap/F … FlightInfo

The additional numbers within the faFlightID are just values that help us generate unique identifiers, so you should just treat it as an opaque value with no additional meaning. (Although the larger number happens to be a epoch timestamp, but you shouldn’t attempt to deduce any value from it.)