Soap Error on InboundFlightInfoResult


Hello guys,

I retrieve flight ID through the InFlightInfoResult method for the tail number CO1428.
It returns me UAL1428-1325746449-airline-0467.

However, it throws an

Soap Fault: ()

error when I call the inboundflightinfo method.
My code is below.

$params = array("faFlightID" => "UAL1428-1325746449-airline-0467");
$result = $client->call( "InboundFlightInfo", $params);

This happens only to the above flight…well thats the only one that has thrown that error out of a collective of flight ids such as US6773,AA572,UA592,DL87, UAL450,SQ26.

Your help is greatly appreciated.



The inbound flight is not available for all flights and will fail when it is not known.


thanks B.
Would there be any other function to grab the info, I especially need the origin and destination airports.



If InboundFlightInfo fails then we don’t have any information about the previous flight at all – registration number, origin, destination, etc…

Can you explain what you are using the inbound flight information for? Perhaps there is another way to solve your problem.



I’m trying to get the origin and destination airports.



Okay, but I’m trying to understand if you actually want “InboundFlightInfo” (the flight served by the aircraft prior to CO1428), and not the details of the flight itself which you can get with “FlightInfoEx”