A Few FaFlight IDs please

Hi guys,

I am still playing with flight xml and need some data.

I’m trying to get some info on a fight just by changing the below details from the PHP example

$params = array("faFlightID" => "UAL450");
$result = $client->call( "AirlineFlightInfo ", $params);

The good news is that it doesn’t throw any errors.
But, it throws up this :

Soap Error: operation AirlineFlightInfo not present in WSDL.

Ahh isn’t it an error? hahaha

Any one can be kind enough to me throw me a few flight IDs or point a source where I can get them please?
I tried FDX1623,UAL450,EJM221 but no success


A FlightAware flight ID is an identifier specific to an individual flight rather than an ident used for many flights. You can get the flight ID for the flight that interests you in the response to a FlightInfoEx request. Flight IDs typically look like “UAL450-1325485450-airline-0040” and should be considered opaque and not parsed.

You have a space at the end of "AirlineFlightInfo " which causes nusoap to look for the wrong method name.