flight status xml info

how i pass data to get flight info in xml.
by this url i get authentication error

You’ll have to pass authentication information along with your request. Since you are making a SOAP request the details of how to do that will vary based on the client you are using. There are examples of how to do it here:
github.flightaware.com/flightaw … /pull/1704

If you are using a different client or require additional help then post a code snippet or additional details on how you are making the call.

How i can send authenticate data as it contains the username and password.
If i posted it here then any one can view and harm my account. so i can send data only through my APP KEY. i am using username and app key in authentication .

I am trying to post my PHP code here but it show me 404 error with forbidden error. so i am not able to post my code here i am using code tag but still it not allow me to post my code and response here.

Please check the functionality of forum so it can allow me to post my data.


What PHP SOAP client are you using?

Hi, we sent the code via email as it does not allow it here. I have now sent a total of 3 emails and am getting no repsonse?

Did you hear back from support? They forwarded some emails to me and I sent them the reply.

can you please explain that this code is only applicable for given origin and destination

$params = array(
                "origin" => "FALE",
                "destination" => "FAOR",
                "startDate" => $startDate,
                "endDate" => $endDate,
                "airline" => "",
                "flightno" => "",
                "howMany" => 15,
                "offset" => 0
$result = $client->AirlineFlightSchedules($params);

because if i change origin FALE to KALB and destination FAOR to KALO i didn’t get any result.But on live site lukadiansolutions.co.za/routetest.php

The API only supports nonstop flights. To find connecting flights you’d have to pull departures from one airport, arrivals from another, and see where they could match up. This is how the website does it.

FlightXML3 has FindFlights which does what you’re looking for.

Please clear me that if i want to see flight status between two airports then which function i have to use .and where i see on live site that output is accurate or not.
I am using this “AirlineFlightSchedules” method .
I need the flight status by flight code as well as airport code also,for this which method i have to use.
for flight status by flight i am using this"FlightInfoEx" method.
how can i check the output is accurate or not.
And how can i use FlightXML3?

thank you

to get flight status by flight code “MNO248”,“CAW6224” i use FlightInfoEx method but i got actualdeparturetime and actualarrivaltime like
1970-01-01 02:00:00 and 1970-01-01 02:00:00.
is it right or wrong?
if wrong then how can i get flight status by flight code .
please confirm as soon as possible


When you call FlightInfoEx you should request more than one result (howMany > 1) as it will return flights that have not yet departed. For flights that have not departed the actualdeparturetime is 0 (which translates to January 1, 1970 epoch). To match up flights from AirlineFlightSchedules with FlightInfoEx you should inspect the filed_departuretime. That should match up with the departuretime from AirlineFlightSchedules.

AirlineFlightSchedules will show you flights between an origin and destination, but only direct flights. The website will look for common routes that include indirect flights. We introduced a method in FlightXML3 that has that functionality and you can sign up here: flightaware.com/commercial/flig … _class.rvt
The documentation for the methods can be found here: flightaware.com/commercial/flig … apiref.rvt

how can i login with api to use FlightXML3 methods.
I use this code to login with API in FlightXML2 .

$options = array(
                 'trace' => true,
                 'exceptions' => 0,
                 'login' => 'username',
                 'password' => 'apikey',
$client = new SoapClient('https://flightxml.flightaware.com/soap/FlightXML2/wsdl', $options);

I have to replace FlightXML2 with FLightXML3 ?
i logedin with this url
uk.flightaware.com/commercial/fl … _class.rvt
and got FlightXML3 beta pricing Schema .
I have to pay again to use FlightXML3 schema?

After you singup for a FlightXML3 subscription, here is an example of how to connect using PHP’s SoapClient:

github.com/flightaware/flightxm … SoapClient

Be sure to use the API key that you received for FlightXML3 (not your FlightXML2 API key)


Please tell me how can i show all origin and destination in the dropdown boxes in XML3 .please provide me all javascript or php code to show all the origin and destination.
as origin and destination dropdown in the above link .

I got method like AllAirports in flightXML2 and i am using flightxml3 to get flight status between 2 routes. please confirm me that there are any method to get all indent code in flightXML3.