XML3 API, get flight info similar to XML2


In API XML2 I used ‘FlightInfo’ using flight number & airline.
I cannot seem to find a replacement for it in XML3, was such a search deprecated?
or will it be released at a later time?


The v3 equivalent of FlightInfo is named FlightInfoStatus.

Thank you for the response, I missed it.

One more question, ‘FlightInfoStatus’ does not seem to return data like gate, meal service.
In XML2 I queried ‘AirlineFlightInfo’ in order to get this info.
But it seems that XML3 does not have an equivalent.


For FlightInfoStatus to return extended infomration a FlightXML 3 Sliver plan or greater is required and then the parameter include_ex_data=true needs to be set. Otherwise it will only return the reduced information set.