Terminal and Gate Information in v3 API

Hi we are using the FXML3 API and retrieving the FlightInfoStatus the documentation states that there are fields for terminal and gates:

|gate_dest |string? |Gate at the destination airport, if known|
|gate_orig |string? |Gate at the origin airport, if known|
|terminal_dest |string? |Terminal at the destination airport, if known|
|terminal_orig |string? |Terminal at the origin airport, if known|

See: https://de.flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/v3/apiref.rvt#op_FlightInfoStatus

We never get this data back in the response though even if it is displayed on the flightaware homepage.

Do we still have to call the AirportBoards enpoint or will this data be available soon?

Can you please confirm if you are setting include_ex_data = true input as part of your request? This information will only appear for FlightXML 3 accounts on a Silver plan or greater when the EX data parameter is set as true.

I am setting this query parameter and the data is returned for previous flights not for the upcoming ones though. My favorite example is DLH2040 Munich - Berlin. Its departure is in 4 hours but there is no terminal/gate data for the upcoming one. Other data providers are already showing this information.

Is there any way how I can get this data as soon as it is publicly available? We more or less need it before the flight departures and not for historical purposes.

So two and a half hours beforehand we get this data. All the data providers which were already showing the terminal/gate information had actually to adjust it to a different gate.

Is there an estimate when this data can be retrieved and will it be available for all flights?