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Get Terminal & Gate

Hello Sir,
Can you please tell me how can i get terminal and gate no. of origin and destination. Thanks!

In FlightXML2 this information is present in the AirlineFlightInfo endpoint. It accepts a faFlightID learned from another request like FlightInfoEx or a combined callsign identifier and epoch departure time in the form of ident@departuretime.

In FlightXML3 this data is presented in FlightInfoStatus, FleetBoards and AirportBoards requests if the requst parameter include_ex_data=true is set. This requires a Silver subscription or higher in FlighXML3.

Sir my account type is Enterprise but when i hit FlightInfoStatus with include_ex_data = true it return :_ {
“error”: “DISALLOWED: Your account subscription level does not have access to extended airline and gate information”

Sorry for the confusion. The site subscription and the XML API subscription are separate products.

Here’s the access tiers mentioned for FlightXML3. Silver tier and above includes the terminal and gate data in the form of the include_ex_data parameter.