Accessing Gate Information

I am trying to get gate information through your FlightXML API but am getting no results and am extremely frustrated. I first tried V2 and even through my access permissions say “Gate Assignments”, I see no gate information when I query. I get other results, but gates are null. There is gate information when using your website to view the same flight.

I contacted support and was told to upgrade to your monthly V3 plan, of which I am now a Silver member, and I still don’t get any gate information. I am using FlightInfoStatus and receive flight results, but no gate information, again for flights that have gate information visible through your site.

I reached out to support again and was told that there is no support for the FlightXML API via chat, email or phone. Can someone please contact me to resolve this?

Thank you.


Can you provide some examples? What does your query look like?

Hi, thanks for the response.
First I look up a flight ident:

restclient.get(fxml_url + 'FlightInfoEx', {
    username: username,
    password: password,
    query: {ident: 'AA15', howMany: 1}
}).on('success', function(result, response) {

and I get the following:
{ faFlightID: ‘AAL15-1529213161-airline-0561’,
ident: ‘AAL15’,
aircrafttype: ‘A321’,
filed_ete: ‘06:00:00’,
filed_time: 1529213161,
filed_departuretime: 1529406600,
filed_airspeed_kts: 375,
filed_airspeed_mach: ‘’,
filed_altitude: 0,
route: ‘’,
actualdeparturetime: 0,
estimatedarrivaltime: 1529428200,
actualarrivaltime: 0,
diverted: ‘’,
origin: ‘KJFK’,
destination: ‘KSFO’,
originName: ‘John F Kennedy Intl’,
originCity: ‘New York, NY’,
destinationName: ‘San Francisco Intl’,
destinationCity: ‘San Francisco, CA’ }

Then I run the next query:

restclient.get(fxml_url + 'AirlineFlightInfo', {
    username: username,
    password: password,
    query: {faFlightID: 'AAL15-1529213161-airline-0561', howMany: 1}
}).on('success', function(result, response) {

And the result is:
{ faFlightID: ‘AAL15-1529213161-airline-0561’,
ident: ‘AAL15’,
codeshares: [ ‘BAW4329’, ‘JAL7575’, ‘QFA3074’ ],
tailnumber: ‘N112AN’,
meal_service: ‘First: Breakfast / Business: Breakfast / Economy: Snack or brunch’,
gate_orig: ‘’,
gate_dest: ‘’,
terminal_orig: ‘8’,
terminal_dest: ‘2’,
bag_claim: ‘’,
seats_cabin_first: 10,
seats_cabin_business: 20,
seats_cabin_coach: 72 }

Thanks for the help.

Looking at previous requests, XML3 FlightInfoStatus was being used earlier without include_ex_data set to true.

When HowMany is set to 1 it will only return the most future flight we have which means we may not have the gate information just yet. It looks XML2 is being used currently which should bring back gate results.

Thanks for the help. I assumed the first result would be the flight that is the closest to departure, as comes up on the Flightaware site, but I see that it shows results in the future as you say. After looking through the other results, I see the gate info for the closest flight and flights in the past. Thank you.