Gate information



Been using the api for over a week for testing, its a wonderful service I have to say.
We are implementing a system to display flight information for our hotel.

I had a question around the AirlineFlightInfo function. I have been trying to acquire the gate information and have noticed it is often missing when receivng the result set so was curious if this is due to the data not being acquired from the origin its pulled from? I am pulling info for a smaller airport in australia(YAYE) so I was unsure whtehr this blank data is how flightaware receives it.



Gate information is only available for some airlines at some airports. The coverage varies and is difficult to characterize and may change over time due to data exchange relationships. It’s best to develop your application to be tolerant of the gate information not being available so that it can gracefully handle that situation.


Thanks for the info, fortunately the airport has 2 gates :slight_smile:
Thought I would check from the technical pov.
Many thanks