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Missing gate/terminal information

We are seeing multiple instances of gate & terminal information coming through blank, after it had already been found.

For instance

  • “alert_id”: 33471720
  • “ident”: “ENY3311-1580881537-airline-0019”

At Feb 7th, 17:42:15 UTC - we hit AirlineFlightInfo and received gate & terminal information

Then at Feb 7th, 18:22:08 UTC, we hit AirlineFlightInfo again and received blank strings ("") to all gate & terminal information.

I understand why destination information may change after departure, but at that point at least departure gate and terminal should be static information, right?

We’ve had other instances of completely blank gate/terminal information after arrival (“SKW5035-1580881540-airline-0422”).

So why are those values coming through blank when the values should be known?

The first case represents an unfortunate side effect of an internal update process. There was a less than one minute window where the values were blank. In this case it can be assumed that there is no change.

For the second case it looks like no terminal information on the arrival side was ever provided since the airport only has a single terminal setup. However, it looks like the arrival gate was still provided before arrival. Did you observe a different pattern of events in XML?

Yeah I’ve noticed that terminal being missing can be a valid situation depending on the airport.

However in that case, I also was getting blank gate information (both departure and arrival gates), even after arrival.

Does that internal update process (with under a minute gap) occur after every push notification? Should we not poll for the gate information immediately after receiving a departure or arrival push notification?