Flights arriving and departing from a specific airport

Hi all, we’d like to use FlightAware to display arrivals and departures which includes time, flight, departing to, gate, and status. Based on what I’ve read FlightAware doesn’t provide a single API call to get all of that information. For example, the Scheduled API call will get everything except gate and status (e.g. Arrived, Delayed, etc.).

My questions are:

  1. How do we get gate information for each flight?
  2. How do we get status for each flight?
  3. If there are 50 flights to display and we need to make additional requests for each flight to get gate and status it’s not practical to make the additional requests to get that information. Is there a way to make 1 additional request for all 50 flights?

Would very much appreciate any help with this.

Thank you,

Right now gate information is only provided through
AirlineFlightInfo calls (see AirlineFlightInfoStruct
And since AirlineFlightInfo takes in a flight id parameter, it cannot request data for 50 flights in one call.

Arrival and Departure info can be retrieved from
Arrived calls
Departed calls
SearchBirdseyeInFlight can also be used to return flights with status such as arrived, cancelled, diverted

FlightInfoEx is quite popular when more info such as filed times is needed that is not provided by Arrived and Departed.

The next version of Flightxml is planning to reduce the calls for the information you need. There will probably be a beta in half a year. Your feedback is important for our next version so do let us know if there are other flightxml returned structs that you would like to see merged.

Also, were you thinking of querying for arrivals and departures at one airport or several?


I’ve been stuck with the same issue. Unfortunately I can’t find any kind of operation where I could specify an origin and destination airport, and get back a list of currently matching flights (including landed ones) with estimated arrival time, gate, and status when suitable. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but in order to get that information I’d need to get full lists from Arrived and Scheduled (which don’t support filtering) and pass each individual flight through AirlineFlightInfo. Alternatively I could try using AirlineFlightSchedules but again I’d need to call AirlineFlightInfo one time for each resulting flight.

Your web does exactly this, at, but the feature doesn’t seem to be exposed by the API.

As an extra feedback, you may want to consider in the future having an option to search flights from a list of airports, or all airports in the vicinity of a given city (something such as ‘London (all airports)’ is often useful because users don’t always remember which airport the flight is coming from, for cities having several ones).

Pretty sure you can already do that
Like this search

Indeed, the calls for flights with particular status could be enhanced. We are considering your suggestions for the next version.
The website and the API have diverged in some respects because the API functionality cannot be changed as easily as the webpages as many users could be impacted.