get all flights by airport


I imagine this is a very basic question, but I got confused by the website.

I’m searching for an API to get all arrivals/departures. Always the same airport.
Example: get all arrivals/departures for next X hours, each arrival/departure should contain de status (scheduled, delayed, cancelled), carrier, etc.
What functions should I use and associated prices.

Thank you

Please see the functions “Arrived”, “Departed”, “Enroute”, and “Scheduled”. Flights that you are interested in can be subsequently queried with “FlightInfoEx” For function documentation, see

Pricing of all functions is described on … _class.rvt

Understood! Thank you.
The only downside is that I have to query all status types. Would be less expensive get all flights and their status using just one query. At least all arrivals or departures all at once :smiley:

FlightXML2 is designed to have information incrementally accessed through layered requests, allowing applications to access only the information they need without paying for higher cost information that they do not need. The information returned by the different functions internally come from different data providers that require us to pay different royalties to publish it, so the separation of information into multiple functions attempts to scale proportionately with our data delivery costs.

Well justified. Thank you.