Cant Get Gate Info

Hi, I am trying to get gate information based on a given flight ident using FlightInfoStatus on FlightXML v3.0. It says in this documentation that gate_dest and gate_orig should be in the return array:

However, when I try to call: there are no gate numbers anywhere in the output. I was unable to get the gate info from v2.0 either, which is why I just signed up for a Silver package to the v3 beta to get the gate numbers. If v3 is still unable to get gate numbers of a flight, I would like to know this so I can get a refund and go with another API that allows us to query the gate numbers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Ensure that you are specifying include_ex_data=true if you want to receive gate information from FlightXML v3. Also keep in mind that gate/terminal/baggage information is not available for all flights, which may vary depending on the airline or airport.