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Obtaining unique flight id (faFlightID) from flightaware.com

Apologies if I’m being obtuse. If I search on a flight at flightaware.com using airline code and flight number (like UAL893) and I view history on that flight… Is there any way of obtaining that particular flight’s faFlightID identifier directly from the web interface? Here is an example page where I’d like to obtain the faFlightID:

Assuming this information is not available without using the API and querying to find the unique faFlightID that is fine. I just wanted to know before I write my FlightXML2 code as, to be honest, I have a use case where end users could find the faFlightID for me and I could be lazier.

Thanks all.

The faFlightID is not generally visible on any of our public webpages. However, you can view the flight webpage if you know a faFlightID by visiting the URL formed by combining http://flightaware.com/live/flight/id/ + faFlightID