Quick way of looking up details by faFlightID


I have over 100,000 flights I recorded a month ago and I want to collect some additional details on the flights. I collected the flight data using SearchBirdseyeInFlight over a 24 hour period.

I now need updated departure time, arrival time, seat capacity, and tail number for those flightids. I found a couple requests that do it, one is slow the other is quick.
Is there a way to get all this data in one request (per faFlightID? Or in bulk?)

Also sometimes it doesn’t return any results. Example:

flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … 1435276800
Takes a long time and finds nothing, but other flight ids work, just not all of them.

flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … edule-0029
Quick and finds something


That is currently the best way to do so using FlightXML.


Ok thanks. Would you be able to explain why that query above returns no data for a flight that definitely exists? Just wondering if my query parameters are wrong.