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3 Months is not enough since Covid-19

I typed in find all flights between CYUL (Montreal, Canada) and CYSJ (Saint John,Canada) and it comes back with 0 hits. This is understandable since the pandemic xeled all flights in and out of YSJ but later this month flights are set to resume. I have a flight booked for June 26th, 2020. But since Flightaware only provides 3 months previous data it’s as if no flights land in Saint John which I know there were hundreds in 2019. It is not fair to ask the public to pay $39.95US for that information!

FlightAware is a business with servers to pay for, bandwidth to pay for, and staff to pay for, so they have to charge for something.

Flightradar24 gives only the last 7 days free access to data. Three months seems quite generous by comparison.


If you are contributing ADS-B data to Flightaware you get a free Enterprise account that will give you 8 months of flight data.

Are you looking for information on a particular flight landing at Saint John?


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Like Ian091 said Flightradar24 is a better service so I went there to get the information (namlely the flightplan for CYUL TO CYSJ) which btw from what I understand is CYUL OMIXI Q947 TOPPS CYSJ.

Seven days is all I need to get the information on a flight that took place in March 2020.