3.5.3 SD card failed on Rpi had to do fresh build and have issues in account

Hi all.

Help needed please, previous 3.5.3 build Sd card failed and is dead after finding snapped sd card.
Ok rebuild time and grabbed fresh download from FA downloads, all done and fired up.

Now the issue i can’t get my head round:

Previous build was on internal ip reserved ip in router (now deleted reserve ip in router)

new build is now (previous ip is being hidden or skipped in router for some reason as if it’s grabbed and hidden by something else?)

FA account still shows my .20 ip and all three service icons are red failed etc.
It does seem so have a new feeder identifier compared to the previous on that seems to be still on my account, it is if FA are holding previous info of my rpi build and seeing the new build on my original rpi.

also some weird mad Mac address is on my FA account and not the rpi one.

Pretty messed up and still waiting for FA support to get back to me, so if anyone can help with advice in the meantime it would be appreciated thanks is advance


(1) Follow instructions in the post linked below.

(2) Wait for 5 minutes, then check your stats page

For Begginers - How to Get Back Existing Station Number in A Fresh Install

Thanks for the details, i ended up earlier clicking on remove feeder and the new one showed up waiting to be claimed.
Thanks anyway


Glad to know that you have already solved your problem by deleting the old site and claiming a new site.

There are many users who don’t want to delete their existing site (mainly because of its long streak), and want to get it back after fresh install. The link I posted is for such cases.

Yeh had mine since 2015 but was so frustrated at the lack of FA support i just dumped it.
Thanks again