20th Anniversary of United 232

Good job done by all.


I met him and he’s an incredible person. He lives in the Seattle area.

I second that!! Amazing!! God bless him!!

Great write up.

If memory serves me correct, this flight “wrote the book” on CRM

… for doing it correctly.

For the classic counterexample – first raising awareness of the need for CRM – look at United 173 (Portland 1978). This link is part of an old list on Popular Mechanics (Sept 2007), but I just stumbled across it last week.

Yeah, Popular Mechanics is the final voice in aircraft accidents.

Actually I’ll agree with the lope on this one. First I was 5 miles away from that crash and the captain has his head WAY up his ass.

Sorry Phantom, I’ll remember to give you the Wikipedia link next time :wink: