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Trying to find Tail# or Serial # of Hijacked Boeing 727

Northwest Orient 608 Seattle-Portland Jan 20, 1983. Thirty years ago, but I remember it like yesterday. Looking back now, I’m finally reconciled to what happened. I’m actually curious about what ever became of that 727, and have been trying to track down its serial # or tail #— No luck. There’s a video on YouTube of the incident, (aviation-safety.net/database/dbl … ?Year=1983, but no identification of S/N or N#. Looking around for a historical database that records takeoff, landing, and equipment stats on commercial flights-- I mean all this flight info has to go somewhere to provide all these stats that we use to brag about US airspace being the safest and most efficient in the world. But again, I’m at a dead end. Wondering if anyone out there might have some ideas? Many thanks in advance!! :smiley:


Forgot to say had checked RITA as well, but their per flight data doesnt go back past 1990. Before that it’s summary info only. Many thanks for the fast response, though!

Two possible sources of information:

The minnesota historical society has Northwest’s historical records. Perhaps you could ask the curator there if they have anything. You might have to go up to Minneapolis yourself to look: mnhs.org/library/findaids/00110.xml The inventory shows they have something on the 1980 hijacking but doesn’t mention Tripp’s 1983 hijacking.

Secondly, there’s the NWA History Center. Here, you’d probably have to do a lot of asking around. You’ll probably get a lot of “I remember that happening but I have no way of telling you what bird it was and don’t know who would know”. But you might get lucky and they might have something. nwahistory.org/home.htm

Many thanks!! I will follow up and let you know what I find

I hope you find the registration. I just spent 1/2 hour looking for it myself and couldn’t find anything. Even checked a couple of books I have. No luck.

Here’s one for 1971 Boeing 727–100 (FAA registration N467US) from Portland to Seattle.

Thanks rw812 and pinemarten for your time and feedback. Interesting pattern emerges, that since DB Cooper (who Tripp patterned his two escapades on), there is no registration info available on planes involved in US hijack incidents-- except for the 9/11 planes… perhaps because those planes were destroyed? Which makes me wonder— Is this info suppressed so airlines can continue to fly planes that have been hijacked? It makes sense, because if you are going to do that, you’d not want to publish the registration in the accident report. It would be a huge downer to crew and passengers if somebody found out “Hey, we are flying in a plane that was hijacked–get me off of this thing NOW!” Also so the airline or leasing company can get sell the thing and let it move on to another life— I mean what exec is going to buy a $5M plane knowing the bad guy was standing next to 6C when they shot him? I’ve assumed for a long time that the NWO 608 plane was scrapped, or sent to Afghanistan to haul cargo, but on the ofhand chance that it does still exist somewhere, it would be great to go sit (or stand) where that seat was… and finally make the full circle

The history (to the best of my knowledge) is as follows:
N467US, a B727-100 series was delivered to Northwest Orient Airlines in 1965. Boeing build number 18803
It was the infamous aircraft involved in the D. B. Cooper highjacking.

Sold to Piedmont Airlines, date unknown.
Operated with tail number N838N

Sold to Key Airlines, date unknown.
Operated with tail number N29KA

Flown to Greenwood, Missisippi and parked 1993
Scrapped at Greenwood 1996