2007 Airline Predictions


Okay, now that it’s 2007, and all this talk of mergers and bankruptcy, what are your predictions of the airline industry of 2007?

One prediction I have is that rise of Sun Country. With its purchase by Petters Group Worldwide, they are on an expansion to provide more business flights. With flights to Seattle, New York, Phoenix, Dallas, L.A., and Washington D.C. to name a few they have a good base. And with NW Airlines going down the drain, more people will be willing to book with Sun Country out of MSP.

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I think SC will expand but i do think NWA will recover. There financial situation wasn’t horrible (like when united was in bank.). They have ordered many planes so they are on the way to recovery.


jblu!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
think they are going to start to become a more serious competitor this year.


I think just the opposite about JBU. Unless they can drastically reduce the number of aircraft received and reduce their expansion, they will be in deep doo-doo by 31 Dec 07.


United will finally die through absorption by some suckers who think it will be a good idea. Unfortunately, the lousy management and union idiots that cause most of its woes will NOT be the ones laid off and will promptly start to destroy the purchasing company from within like a virus.

Several good pilots and other employees will be the only ones hurt.

You read it here first! 8)


in that case…im selling my stock


What ever happened with the FAs? Do they have a contract? IMHO (and that could/may be wrong :wink: ), the only way for NWA to return all the way to profitability would be a merger, and the only “fits” that I can see would be 1)United, and I see definite issues with such a deal; or 2) US, and they seem to be preoccupied trying to pick up Delta.

I won’t say '07 will spell the end for NWA, but I don’t think they’ll be much better off than they are now.


If one will it will be the Airtran-Midwest combination.

Continental-United won’t go at all.

Delta’s creditor’s hold the cards on the USA-DAL combination.

Either way Delta’s current stock will be erased sometime in '07.


Their presence has forced Southwest to have just about a permanent
$49 14-adv adv fare sale intra-California. Their presence at Kennedy
keeps Southwest offering its Long-Island sale as well.