2000 Cessna 182 rental rate

Anyone know of a 97 or newer, non-G1000 C182 for rent? Wondering what the going rate is for comparison.

Close to $200/hr wet at KSGR.

New York area

C-182T w/ G1000 = $215/hr
Turbo C-182T w/ G1000 = $270/hr

ouch! It almost seems if you can afford the hourly, you could afford to own.

Yeah the prices have gone way up. $200-225/hr is pretty standard.

5 years ago, I would rent a brand new G1000 C182 for $145 wet.

And it was only 7 years ago when the price for a C172S hit the triple-digit mark ($95/hr->$105/hr) for me. The same airplane now is $140s.

Wow. Back in the late 1980s when I was training for my PPL the rental fee was $78/hr wet for a C172 and $57 for a C152.

$140-160 west coast

Where? I rented a C172 last year in LA for $175 wet.

I feel blessed. I have a Warrior that I fly regularly at 95/hr and an Archer at 110/hr. Sure they’re older, all steam gauges (although the Archer has a 430) but it keeps me flying. I also have access to a 172 for 85/hr (but it’s a 64 and basic IFR) , and a 152 (in USAF colors 8) for 65/hr.
Of course, I guess when you look at cost of living / income in my area of Central Illinois compared to East Coast or SoCal, it probably puts it a bit more in perspective. Even Chicago compared to us downstaters is a different scale/

$78 in 1988 is the same as $145.96 today.
$57 in 1988 is the same as $106.66 today.
$145 in 2005 is the same as $164.54 today.
$95 to $105 in 2003 is the same as $113.41 to $125.34 today.

So, it looks like the rate has gone up more than the rate of inflation.

Source: dollartimes.com/calculators/inflation.htm

I rent at KDTS: 172@$105hr wet, and a 210 w/ WX @ $170hr wet.

Except LA where everything costs more.

Fresno i rent a c-172 for $125

KLVK $160 wet.

This aircraft is flawless and owned by the owner of the school/fbo.


KLVK as well for their 172, also owned by the same individual. Flawless as well.


$126/hr wet

Dang! I can rent a G-1000 equipped 182 for that price! 8)

There is a glass panel C182Q TAA with partners at KIWS for $75/ hour dry. Low time very nice airplane. Call 281-382-0259 for info

Cessna Employees Club in ICT, the best deal in the country. :smiley:

cessnaflyingclub.org/cefcpro … asp?Page=5

Aircraft Rental Rates*(including fuel):
Model 162 (2 units) $46.50/hr
Model 172 S (6 units) $59.50/hr
Model 172 RG (1 unit) $75.00/hr
Model 182 T (1 unit) $84.50/hr
Model T182 (1 unit) $95.50/hr
Model T206H (2 units) $123.00/hr

All planes except 172RG have Garmin and are 1 - 2 years old.

Monthly Membership Dues: $24.50/month per person

Best deal until they outsource your job to China, that is…

Makes sense, 100LL took a huge jump from 2001 to 2010.

I rented a '99 182S at P19 for $115/hr wet in 2002. Dispatcher just about freaked when he saw the fuel tickets from Elko, NV for $2.20/gal. It was about $1.80 on the field.

That’s only about $4/hr out of the margins. Can’t imagine what several dollars more vs $.40 does.