What price should I be paying per lesson ?


I am averaging about $310 per lesson flying in a Cessna 172… This seems rather high… If I am in a 150 the price runs about $280… so x 60 to 80 lessons that seems very high… Just wondering what others are paying… I’m in Ontario Canada


You will probably find that prices vary by instructor/airport/region and some other factors outside of actual aircraft used. When I looked into training at my local airports (general area around Manchester NH USA) prices were generally within about $20-$30, but one of the cheaper options I found they charge $95/Hour Wet for a Cessna 152 and $111/Hour Wet for a Cessna 172. There there is the $43/hour instructor charge too. Some of the other places I checked our were charging about $135/Hour wet for a 172. Even taking into account currency conversion this is significantly less then what you are paying. One of these days I hope to save up enough money to be able to afford training.


HOLY CRAP. I am paying about 100 dollars WITH an instructor per hour. That is crazy.


Is it possible to take lessons WITHOUT an instructor? :laughing:


Umm… Yes. After you’ve soloed you do quite a bit of flight training without an instructor on board.


There is a bit of variation in Ontario … Toronto and Ottawa are really high cost jurisdictions, Burlington, Barrie, St. Catharines offer some relief.