Rental rates for aircraft


I’m curious to know what others pay for aircraft rental and other associated costs.

My club charges $50 to join + $24 per month dues. Hourly rates are wet including fuel, insurance, etc…
C152 $54
C172 $69
C182 $98

Local FBO’s rates
Warrior 160 $79
Cherokee 180 $89
Sierra $95
Dutchess $195
C172 $75
Arrow $115


What! I’m moving to YYKM when I get my PPL.

Paine Field (@Regal Air)
C152 $85/Club $75 (Club Mem. $100 Something to join $30 a month)
C172 $105


My school charges the following rates:
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There’s a $40.00 enrollment fee required. I’m not sure if that’s a one time thing, or for each certification or rating - but no monthly dues.

Cessna 152
$59/hour wet

Piper Warrior PA28-161
$79/hour wet

Cessna 172M
$84/hour wet

Cessna 172P
$84/hour wet

Piper Cherokee Cruiser PA28-140
$85/hour wet

Diamond DA20-C1
$94/hour wet

Diamond DA40-180
$119/hour wet

Piper Seminole PA44-180
$229/hour wet


Not including the fee to join, here’s what the C172 would cost on an hourly basis. This is computed by taking the number of hours and multiplying it by $69 and then adding in the $24 dues. This figure is then divided by the number of hours to determine the actual hourly rate.

In other words, **assuming the FBO’s rate is wet **you would have to fly 4 hours a month to equal the FBO’s rate. At 5 hours, the hourly rate would be $73.80, 6 hours would be $73.00, and so forth.

Of course, if the FBO is a dry rate, then your mileage will vary.


One of the most cheap clubs in my country:

Cessna 152 = 127 usdollar
Cessna 172 = 162 usdollar
Piper Archer = 176 usdollar
Cessna 177 = 180 usdollar

there is a yearly entrance fee of around 200 usdollars…

most clubs in belgium are around 20% higher than this one…


Going rate locally here is about $120 wet for a late model C172 (1999 is the oldest) at my airport



True! However, if I want to go fly for .5 - 1.5 just for the fun of it, I take the 152. The Club 172 is a good cross country plane with 160hp engine and tuned exhaust that will keep up with a 182 and leave the FBO 172’s in the dust. There are some other advantages to the club such as online scheduling, monthly billing, socials, etc… While the 152 was down in August, they discounted the 172 to $59. :smiley:


I rent a PA-28-161 Warrior at Jacksonville IL for $65/hr. Granted it’s not full IFR, it has dual VOR, no DME or ADF, but for flying around for fun, taking people up and things it’s the best deal around. The Archer is full IFR including GPS (I’ve yet to rent it so I couldn’t tell you particulars but it is a Garmin product) is 85. they also have an Arrow, that is I beleive 95. So there’s your complex aircraft as well. Dirt cheap flying, if you’re in the area please support it, so I can continue to fly!! haha. I ve seen the rates on the Warrior go up once, and that was about 5 years ago, when they added a $5 fuel surcharge. It went up from $60. There have been times where we’ve gone flying for around .8 hr with another person and have paid less than $30 to go.


That sounds like a sweet deal. I like the way you think too!