How much do flight lessons cost?

hi i am new here, i did do a search but i came up with no results. About how much does it cost per an hour lesson in a C152?

C152 rental (“wet” which means including fuel) will run $50-120/hr and an instructor is another $20-50/hr. With all the hours and other expenses, figure about $5000-6000 for a private pilots license.

The 152 I rent goes for $59/hour and the school gets $49/hour when I fly with my instructor.

ok well thte airport near me charges $82 and hour wet, so with an instructor i should expect $100-$130? they also have other planes like C172 and C182 and piper archer, can i randomly choose to train on diffrent aircraft and all the hours will count the same? If i go up in a C182 with a trainer is there any laws against bringing my dad and brother up in the back two seats just so they can see what it is like?

Yes, the hours count the same.

Yes, your family or friends can “backseat”.

is there a limit for how long your lesson hours last? like can a do some this year then 2 years later do more and then get it? what are the restriction?
is there anything you have to do to keep your license valid besides medicals? what are the requirments for a CFI?

The hours are good forever, but if you take a year or two off your skills will decline. Aside from the medical you need a biannual flight review with a flight instructor (about 2 hours, just showing them you can still do everything within the limits).

bi Annually as in once every two years? i also herd that after you have 1500 hours and your PPL instrument - and commercial what are the requirement for you can fly jets, is this true?

what are the requirements for you instrument, like do you need so many hours?and how many hours do you need before you can fly solo? i heard it was like 20 and then after more you get your license, is this true?if so then what is sooo much better about flying solo while training and having your ppl?

Yes, biannual is every two years.
You can fly jets (turbojet or turbofan powered) with a PPL, type certificate, and 40 hours; the insurance cost would probably be insane, but you can do it in your jet. To get hired flying jets you need closer to 500-1000 hours.

Instrument requires a few more hours (~40) and skills. Take a look at 14 CFR 61.65 for more details.

You can fly solo once your instructor endorses you to do so. 15-20 hours is typical. Flying solo is cheaper, since you’re not paying for someone to warm the seat next to you.

what is better about having your ppl or having your flight instructor saying you can fly solo? what are the restriction with you ppl ( night clouds people with you ETC and the restrictions for flying solo with your instructors clearence ( with other people, clouds night ETC.)

can you please explain to me the whole licensing system works out? like for your instrumental do you need 40 additional hours ontop of what you need making it 80 in total or just after you have a minimum of 40 hours and your PPL can you just get tested for it?


Check out where a lot of your questions are answered.

Along with the physical act of flying, training will include a lot of rules and regs where you will be required to know where to look up things and the above website will give you a small jump start to the real deal.


For ref: my club 152 is $58/hour including fuel, tax, insurance and barely enough room for two small monkeys to go flying on their own. Instructor rates are $25/hour which includes a lot of dumb flying jokes and a signature in the log book.

By contrast I flew the exact same plane with no upgrades, paint or improvements since… for $32/hour 15 years ago.

Haha…I fly that exact same plane, 49486?

Yeah, Cessna 49486! I was wondering what that smell was! :confused:
(Just kidding!)

You fly with Casey?

I flew with Chester, Tom and Casey towards my instrument rating. I have it now so I fly by myself again :slight_smile:. You working on your private with Casey?

Yep. Down to the wire on my private. Gotta go through the Stage III with Tom, and then a mock checkride with Dr. Rob and then hopefully…

I like the fact that 486 is IFR equipped - will help with the finances when I begin doing instrument work.


Have you looked into joining the civil air patrol?

i have a little bit but i have some questions, do you hours get logged? can i get my PPL through them? do i have to get a hair cut ( i have long hair). Is there a lot of other stuff you have to do besides flying like running and stuff?

Depends on the length of hair and if you’re male or female.
Oh my, YES! Plus there’s reading, studying and taking tests.

im a guy, my hair is shoulder length and i plan to just keep letting it grow, is there a lot of the running and other stuff i have to do ( i dont really want to) how often do you go flying with them? like an hour a week or what, and is it just the $40 yearly due and they payes for all the flying?