Private Pilots License


Just wondering how many hours you had before you recieved your Privates, and how long it took?


I’ve had my privates since birth. You can ask my mother how long it took.

I received my private certificate with 43 hours under my belt, and it took me one summer.



Nine months is the “usual processing” time. :smiley:



50 hours over a one year period for my VFR ticket
Just under 50 hours and almost a year for my IA ticket.



19 hours instructed, 32 hours total…two years, still working on it (eh, my kid comes first. However, I have sworn to finish mine before he does!)


I’ve been meaning to speak to you about that…, now that you’re older. :smiling_imp:


(Ducking and running!)


53.9 total. Took from 12/22/01 until 6/8/02 so just over 6.5 months.


Well dang “Pop”

Bad enuf “Son” admits to not knowing “processing time” but you didn’t talk about the the fantasy flight of the “birds and the bees”??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: .

(really ducking low and running)


PPL took a year and a half and about 70 hours. I took a long pause due to changes in business, and had a hard time motivating myself to get back into it until I flew in a Diamond. Cessna almost bored me back into motorcycling.


63 hours and 375 days. Took about 3 months off for some surgery.

BTW threw up EVERY dual flight I took, minus 1 dual x-country. Never threw up solo. :blush:


Wrong direction Allen, think “corrective surgery”!


Perhaps Papa didn’t give the speech because he had the intention of leaving Jr. to go earn his Privates on his own. Maybe this was best because it’s not the (ahem) easy way lol. And this, of course, would be after “corrective” training. Actually, the “process” time for Privates begins 8 to 10 weeks into the mothership’s hangar, which can be as many as 1,680 hours of float time before one starts to grow a certificate. Backing out of topic on egg shells since I’m not a pilot and don’t even have the privates discussed here. :confused:



As much as I enjoy poking the badger with a stick, especially when I know he’s safely out of reach, I wouldn’t trade him for anything.


You should post my “berthing” announcement dad, it’s classic.


I got y’all beat! It took me 116.5 hours over 20 years, but I finally got it! I started in January of 1987, got up to doing long cross-country flights and then had to give it up due to financial and other personal reasons. I got back into it back in November (2006) and passed my checkride yesterday! :smiley:


Congrats Needle!


Congrats Needle! As they say, I wish you nothing but blue skies and tail winds. Fly safe.



Now work on that IFR so we can track YOU!



Congratulations NeedleNose!


Congrats needle.