2 different computers - Airports display incorrect on IE


On explorer here at the office, mine and a coworkers maps of KPAE are messed up. If your zoomed to the state of Washington it puts the Canadian airports of Vancouver/Victoria in Oregon and PDX is in Canada. KSEA and KPAE are reversed.

Zoomed out to the USA KPAE winds up in San Diego.

Its OK on Mozilla Firefox.


This typically occurs if the javascript files that generate the maps are corrupted. Try clearing your browser cache.


Did that

Still pooched.


I just tested in IE6 and it’s OK. Are you using any browser zoom option to increase font sizes on the page? That has also caused issues in the past.


Its zoomed when I log in. So I zoom out.

Will try the page zoom.

Works ok in Firefox, which is what I use mainly, but he uses IE only.

Im ok, and Ill see if he will have an issue with mozilla or live with it.