2 dead in Cessna 206 crash in Tennessee

I am looking for information on a plane crash that took place on Oct 22, 2009. The crash happened near Roan Mountain in east Tennessee. I have found one good news article on it here:

citizen-times.com/article/20 … -Tennessee

The airport they would have been based from was Elizabethton Municipal (0A9). I attended Moody Aviation for a short while which was based there but has moved to Spokane, WA. The instructor in the crash was one of my instructors. Some of the speculations I’ve seen about the crash just do not make sense so I am hoping if anyone knows anything, I would love to hear it.


Sad… :cry:

thanks for the NTSB link. I tried searching the FAA site but found nothing. Didn’t think to look through NTSB records.

Interesting the record says there were no eye witnesses when there was one listed in a news article I found on it. However, the witness description just doesn’t make sense.

The instructor is highly seasoned and taught in that area for many years. He would have known better than to fly so close to the trees along the mountain. The downdrafts there can be very strong.