plane crash in GA

just in on CNN ,

Plane Crash in Henry County Last Edited: Friday, 06 Oct 2006, 10:38 AM EDT
Created: Friday, 06 Oct 2006, 10:10 AM EDT

Henry County Plane Crash
A small single engine Cessna plane crashed in Henry County Friday, killing 3 of the 4 passengers on board. The FAA said the plane crashed in a grass strip near the Berry Hill Airport in Stockbridge.

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i think this was the flight

The news reports that aircraft as a single engine Cessna. The link you provided is a Piper Dakota. I would bet they were VFR.

hi, your right, thanks for the correction.
they mentioned hartford and berry hill airports, anyone find this flight?

it looked like the tail numbers had a 2 and a 0 in the tail number

Its possible the news report is incorrect about it being a Cessna. From the photo, it looks like the aircraft could pass as a Piper. There currently are no flights to Berry Hill 4A0.

i went to and it was on there and all sudden its not on no more?
is a piper like a cessna?

dissregard the last post i posted asking if the piper and cessna are alike. i didnt see your post until i hit the enter button … geId=1.1.1

this the link to the local news page i found.

it says it was leaving or coming into berry hill airport. and the only thing at that airport on here is 1 plane but the times are diffrent so it looks like it didnt have a flightplan. or the info. is wrong.

Like I said:


i had blond moment lol, sorry.


after a lil research this is the tail number. they released the name of the owner of the plane, they werent forsure if that person was on it but i googled it and came up with this tail number registered to that person.

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