Plane Crash at Macon County (1A5) Airport

I’ve monitored reports of a plane crash at the Macon County Airport just north of Franklin, NC. Initial radio traffic said the plane was “at the end of the runway” near the cornfield and fully involved with numerous small explosions.

Most of the planes that take off and land here do not file flight plans (or they aren’t listed online) so I am unable to determine more detailed info on the airplane.

No word on injuries. I will post more information as it becomes available.

Photo of the crash that was posted to Facebook. The smoke is at the end of runway 25.

WLOS-TV is reporting it was a Cessna Citation 501. It was on its way to Franklin from Venice Municipal Airport in Florida.

Law Enforcement at the scene have requested an EME.

The rumor on Facebook (Yes, I know) says that three people died in the crash.

WLOS-TV has posted photos on their Facebook Page at … =3&theater

WLOS-TV is reporting that the North Carolina Highway Patrol has confirmed three people have died in the crash.

According to below website the a/c was was at one time operated by BigTex Aviation a division of BigTex Trailers.

Don’t think Big Tex owned that airplane anymore.

I think you might be right so I will amend my above post.

UPDATE: NC Highway Patrol now say 4 persons killed in the crash.

Reports now indicate that five people, two couples and a small female child, perished in this crash. A witness reported that the plane came in at a steep angle, bounced very hard and the pilot apparently tried to throttle up and the right wing hit the runway as he over corrected and the plane flipped over and burst into flames.

I was monitoring the scanner and uploaded the audio of the initial response of local public safety agencies at

1100 units are Franklin VFD, 1500 are Burnington-Iotla VFD, 5700 units are the Macon County Sheriff Dept and G units are the NC Highway Patrol.

I also heard the pilot’s last transmission (but wasn’t recording) and, due to his thick accent, was only able to understand “runway two-five.”