I watched the 16 right movie. Really was a good movie. Warned of all the airports that have closed and used VAN NUYS AIRPORTS, (the busiest GA airport in the world) KVNY as an example of a sucess story (KVNY had struggled a lot to maintain an airport. Talked about all the advantages to airports (economy boosters) and celebrated aviation.

  1. Have you seen this movie?
  2. Thoughts/reactions?

**one scary thing is they mentioned an airport closes about every week :blush:


I saw it about a week ago on Discovery HD… after all the hype I had heard about it, I wasn’t that impressed.


I think CFIJames liked it!

One Six Right is my favorite repeatable movie. Wifey and I watch it every few months.

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i thought it was a very well done film. although it was not what i was expecting as far as the documentary part went, it gave some scary statistics, ie Airports closing. but it also contained a lot of good footage of flying that was fun to watch.


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:slight_smile: I loved the movie…a friend of mine that flies for Delta on Mad Dogs met the producer and had a poster signed for me…just wish that my home airport was that active with GA traffic…