One Six Right - Film


As a site serving pilots, enthusiasts, and the aviation community, I felt it appropriate to spread the word on a recently released film and documentary - One Six Right.

I purchased this film at EAA AirVenture (OSH) a few weeks ago. While it is not my intention to provide a full review of the film, I will give a brief summary. One Six Right is a documentary about Van Nuys Airport (VNY) in California, but more than that, One Six Right is a documentary about general aviation and the “local” airport. It is an extraordinary film that exemplifies the feeling, beauty, and passion of flight as well as the signifcance of general aviation and the general aviation airport. As a private pilot, One Six Right truly touched upon what I love about flying. I encourage anyone who is a pilot or interested in aviation to check out this film.

More information on the film can be found at

If anyone has seen the film, please provide comments. No, I do not work for the production company. :smiley:


I bought it directly from their website over a year ago, and yes, it is very good. A must-have for any aviation enthusiast or pilot. It is not merely a documentary about Van Nuys, but it becomes a tribute to aviation history, complete with stunning aerial videography.


The film is having a limited theatrical release over the next couple months. The web site has details.


The boy was kind enough to let me watch it, and it is memorable, to say the least.

A must have in the film library of any pilot, or anyone who just loves aviation.