Historic Hangar #1 built 1928 demolished at Van Nuys!!!

Video and scene from Casablanca.

“Casablanca” and “Flying Duces” and other classic films were shot here.

I understand they said it was unused but if their is nothing wrong with it, why spend money to demolish it? Is their another building that will be built in its place?

Most certainly. That’s prime real estate.

From the blog called laobserved:

laobserved.com/archive/2007/ … irport.php

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Hangar under constructionValley history buffs were aghast to learn last week that the first hangar built at what’s now called Van Nuys Airport was in the process of being torn down. The hangar originally fronted the grass, east-west runway at Metropolitan Airport which opened in 1928 and shows up in old movies, including Casablanca. The hangar was the last surviving structure from the old airport (which now has double north-south runways.) As word spread of the hangar’s threatened destruction, the owner of the Airtel Plaza Hotel stepped up and bought the facade, all that remains. He’ll move it to the hotel grounds adjacent to the airport. The photo of the hangar under construction is from onesixright.com, the website for Brian J. Terwilliger’s documentary on Van Nuys Airport, One Six Right. See it large.

Good on him.
We stay at the Airtel whenever we’re in VNY. It’s a cool hotel, they have the actual model 747 used in the film “Executive Decision” with Kurt Russell hanging over the lobby, it’s HUGE! As well as a general aviation theme throughout.
The owner drives a black Audi A8 that’s always parked out front, I’ll be sure to thank him for saving the facade next time I’m there.

The original hangar building and offices are also featured in One Six Right, the documentary about VNY produced by Brian Terwilliger. If you haven’t seen it, go buy it right now. It’s fantastic.

I was able to attend the final stop of the one six right tour at VNY. What a fantastic experience that was! Most of the aircraft featured in the film were there as were many people who played a role. I was fortunate enough to meet Ben Harper (the retired United Captain from the film) and speak with him at length. I love talking to the guys that have been flying for the last 50 years or so and still love it.