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1090 and 978 Receivers Not Combined in Rankings

Hi all, I recently added a 978 UAT setup to complement my 1090. Both are registered in my account, but I’m not seeing combined results in the rankings. Same user ID and whatnot, but my 1090 is showing in the rankings at #1858, and the 978 is separately ranked at # 26,138. I see others with 1090+978 setups showing up in the rankings with everything reporting under one user ID. Can anyone guide me on how to consolidate? Here’s how I’m showing up now in the rankings:

Not sure, maybe both sites have to use the same feeder id to be shown as one receiver?

Edit: That is probably the case when set up like this:

A useful guide

Am I able to update the feeder ID on my 978 setup to match the 1090 ID? Even if they’re running on separate RPi units?

You will confuse the stats and status dashboard if you do that - general rule is that only one piaware should be using a particular feeder ID.

If they’re on separate Pis, your options are to have two feeder IDs / two piawares (prefererred), or run one piaware on, say, the 1090 Pi and configure it to fetch 978 data from the 978 Pi (see uat-receiver-type other / uat-receiver-host / uat-receiver-port)

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