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2 Pi's Merge 1090 and 978 Data

I am running 2 Pi 4’s.
One is running Piaware and FR24 and dump1090 Mutability for ADS-B.
The other Pi is running Piaware and dump978 FA for UAT 978.
I have two feeder id’s since they are 2 separate stations.
As it is now they are two sites and shown separately on my page.
Both Pi’s are connected via LAN on the same switch.
Can I merge the feeder data from my 1090 and 978 Pi’s to display all info on my Flightaware Stat page?

Would I change the feeder ID on my 978 to match that of the 1090? (prob a bad idea)
Would I do this on the 1090 Pi? (so that the 978 is merged in with the data of the 1090)
sudo piaware-config uat-receiver-type other
sudo piaware-config uat-receiver-host
sudo piaware-config uat-receiver-port 30978
sudo reboot

A search of this subject turned up mixed results of the proper way to do this…
Lots of people running one pi with 978 and 1090, not a lot running separately like myself.

You’ve already figured it out, why don’t you just try :slight_smile:

No need to reboot btw …

sudo systemctl restart piaware

This is sufficient.
If it doesn’t work you could just set uat-receiver-type to "" which is the default (which it was before). I believe the default is none.
This command can be useful if you’re curious:
piaware-config -showall

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That worked great!
Thank you for the words of encouragement!
I was timid about messing up my settings because I got everything really dialed in all I needed was to hear that it was good. Thanks!