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Help adding 978 to my 1090 feeder

I have a working 1090 feeder and want to add a 978 feeder.

I have a 978 antenna and an orange FlightAware Pro Stick USB ADS-B Receiver.

There’s much archival info, but many issues I’ve seen.

Is there a current cheat sheet of instructions/site on how to successfully install a new 978 receiver w/ an existing the Raspberry Pi 1090 receiver?

Thanks, Wade



The image download link in this how-to is for old image (ver 3.8.0). Do not download it. Download latest version (4.0)


Other than the outdated image download link, the how-to is fully applicable to ver 4.0 as well.


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I would suggest you use a spare microSD card to write Piaware SD card image ver 4.0.

This way you will preserve your current install on existing microSD card. Just in case something goes wrong, you can slip back the old card into RPi and restore your system


OK, so as I predicted, nothing goes smoothly :roll_eyes:

I ran the latest version of balena-etcher (ver. 1.5.111) and Windows 10 crashed when i try to copy the FlightAware image to the card.

Perhaps there is a better image transfer program than balena-etcher?

Thanks, Wade

Yikes. That’s a hardware / driver / Windows install problem you have there, no way that etcher should cause a hard crash like that. (Looks like a crash in the USB controller driver?)


Etcher is good, but if you want to try another one, Win32DiskImager is also good. Try it.
Download page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/


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I get a different error each time, like Page Fault Errors. I’ll have to fix this issue first.