Zoom levels on dump1090-fa & tar1090

Hi Folks,

This little niggle has been bugging me for some time, as I’m running two RPis with all the same software versions, but the zoom levels on both dumps are slightly different, so it’s annoying when I’m comparing the two feeds on two browser tabs.

To easily see my problem, below I’ve lined up the top of the third range ring, with the top of the screen on both, but you can see further down into France on the second image:

As I say, both are fresh installs, there’s no browser zooming difference etc, it’s just one instance is slightly more zoomed in (or out) than the other!

Did you zoom to the min level (smallest one) and then zoom in step by step? Does this change this behavior?

Maybe the starting point of zoom for the map is slightly different.

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Hey Fox,
I’ve tried that - zooming all the way out, until the world starts wrapping back round and it shows several repeated radars, and then zoomed back in, but no luck.
Doing this does affect it, but there is always a difference.

Use the + and - or Q / E for zooming, it uses fixed steps.
Press H to center.

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Thank you :smiley:

That was my suggestion as well to zoom in steps instead of using the mouse wheel.
I was obviously not clear enough…

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Ah yes - I had forgotten about the zooming on keys, so presumed you meant the mouse wheel.

Thank anyhow though :+1: :+1:

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