YYZ Spotting tips?


Alright, well i’ll be spotting in YYZ on a Monday Afternoon and i’m wondering where I should be set up…


I am not even close to YYZ but some research you can do yourself is to take a gander at flightaware.com/resources/airpor … /satellite

This gives you a nice overhead view to help decide where to set up. Zoom in as you see fit with the buttons in the upper left corner.

You won’t be able to decide exactly where to setup until day of spotting since winds play a huge role in runway assignments.


much better way to find out where to spot at yyz is at spottingatyyz.blogspot.com/ - see especially entry for 22 june


alright thanks yeah, I will need to check the winds because I do not want to miss the EK 380 !!


Well a little late to post, but . . .




For future reference, my experience, the parking lot of Aviation World is an excellent spot particularly for arrivals on the westbound runways (most common). Another good spot is on Dixon Road under the southbound runway arrival path.


Taken from that same parking lot.
Nice neighborhood…


By the way, James only got that shot because that , uh… establishment, is next door to a pilot store. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

I freakin’ LOVE that store!


What are you talkin’ about? That is the pilot store.

The place next door just sells headsets and shit! :wink:


Try it, you’ll like it.


Seems to be where my money wants to go!


Either one will empty your pocket just as effectively.

Only difference is one is hardware and one is software! :smiling_imp:


Believe it or not, they say that the food at the Landing Strip is pretty good. Another aviation $200 hamburger.