Spotting locations at YVR?


Despite the USD’s value, might be heading up to Vancouver this weekend.

Looks like a pretty accessible airport. Do they get anxious with spotters? Are there any specific locations that are best for photography?

Any locations along Templeton/Grauer Rd better than another?

Also, is this spot accessible:

UPS parking lot


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Looks like a pretty accessible airport.

Any locations along Templeton/Grauer Rd better than another

UPS parking lot

I know nothing about YVR !! , but looking at the images, it looks a little too easy to get close. I tried following those roads to find a guard gate of some sort. Didn’t find any, but also didn’t find those roads intersecting with anything else. Also, if those are public roads and there is no guard gate at the entrance to UPS? Doesn’t seem right. Just my 2 cents worth.


I updated that map link with a red line showing the perimeter fence. The secured area for UPS does not include the parking lot, though that doesn’t imply that that is not private propery. In fact in all likelihood, it is private property. I was just wondering if they allow spotters. Its a great view of the threshold.

There appear to be parked cars at either ends of the runway.


Looked again. Your right, I followed the wrong road. Looks like anyone can access those streets. Have fun and get some good pics!


Everything you need to know:

The only place you’re liable to be accosted is spot #3 (MacDonald Rd. S). This is the car rental service road and depending on who is on duty they may or may not leave you alone. Unfortunately it’s actually the best location, but the others are perfectly acceptable.

   Awesome. Thanks for this link. Do you think ladders are OK?


Most of the time yes, but if one of the employees takes a dislike to you…, but you don’t need much of a ladder.