Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum and also new registered, but have been tracking flights from some time ago.

As spotter/photographer, i just wonder if this site and forum, has a host image for few few photos only, my favorites!

I am ramp worker at KPHL, my home airport, and spot planes at Hog Island road, most of the times.

With kindly regards!


Welcome to FA Werkur. I’m just across the river from you and PHL is my “home” airport.

If you’ve got some interesting photos you’d like to share, the Notable Activity Forum is usually a good start for them.


Welcome Werkur. Look forward to seeing what you got! :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a couple topics for posting pictures:
Pictures of Planes

High-Flyers photographs

FlightAware member videos


We don’t offer photo hosting, but and do (just a link, not an endorsement).


Thank you guys!

My spotting point, most of the time is on Hog Island Road, to get the landings on 27R. Hog is near the border of PA and NJ states, also has the Delaware river.

My pics: … Kurpjuweit

I may use these links you posted, wazzu90, thanks!

mduell, i don’t have, my is Photobucket, also i got the Piclens software, thanks!



Its great to meet some mates, hope you come around to Hog road sometime for spotting! :smiley:


Sehr nett Werner.




That was a MD-11F of Martinair Cargo:


Much as I’d like to continue this Werner, we need to get out of this Forum!