Planespotting between Philly and New Hampshire

I was wondering if anyone had some favorite planespotting areas between Philly, PA and Western New Hampshire. I will be visiting my brother in Philly for a long weekend and will be driving home to NH on Oct 4th. My brother and I will probably watch KPHL from Fort Mifflin. We have been there before. I figured on my way home I would stop by KEWR, KLGA, or KJFK. Does anyone have any preferences, or any other great spots to watch planes between Philly and NH?


When you go to LGA you can get a boat and sit in the Hudson river, before long you may have an A320 in your lap. :smiley:

The East River is much closer to LGA. But the superintendent at Rikers Island would be watching your activities very closely… 8)

HAHA Took me a minute, but that’s good!!!

Thank you!