MSP Spotting

MSP is my home airport, and I haven’t had real good luck spotting. If you have ever been spotting at MSP, can you suggest me a good spotting locale, also the best dates and times to spot. Thanks so much.

By far, the best location is level 6 and up at the parking garages at the Lindberg terminal. It’ll cost a few dollars for the hour+ you spend up there, but its well worth it. The best is when they are landing 30s and you are at the eastern end of the red or blue garages. If they are landing 12s, the best spot is over by the tower off of 28th ave i think it is. From route 62, you head south on 28th and make a right at the little park at the first stop sign. Bring the dog!


deltamike172 Why bring a dog?? :confused: :laughing:

Probably to convince authorities you’re not up to no good, but are only there walking your dog in the park.


James the Elder


Dogs make great chick magnets when properly used.

Puppies work best!

Not that I would ever do such a thing at my age. :wink:


James the Elder

So do kids when there “lost” :laughing: But by the looks of it he is part of an 09 class. Kid you have all the time in the world to get a chick don’t waste you time and money now. :slight_smile:

There are always TONS of people with dogs at the park near 12R. And yes, there are numerous other benifits of bringing your dog along as well, most have been aforementioned.


If you go to the park, wear your soiled sneakers.

Another good place, if they are using 17/35 is Level 7, East Parking Ramp at Mall of America.

You can either pay and go to the top level of the parking garage at Lindbergh, or pay even more (a low cost) and buy an actual flight so you can access the viewing area!

Or buy a fully refundable ticket, call from inside the secure area to cancel and then get a refund.

At MSP the greatest spot for spotting any aircraft at the airport is on top of the hill at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. Anybody is allowed in their and you are above everybody trying to watch the planes from ground level…